Wells Thompson’s Weekly Column: Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Hey ya’ll! I hope that everybody is doing well! Once again I am sorry that I am just getting to write my blog, our schedule has been jam packed with games and lots of travel here recently, so I’m just getting to it.


In my last blog I talked about our second leg game against Joe Public in the CONCACAF Champions League tournament and how we would be ready to avenge ourselves. I meant what I said, about how we wanted to show Joe Public who we really were, but boy was I wrong about the outcome and quality of our play. I would probably put it up there as one of the worst loses of my career. We got outplayed from start to finish and they waxed us by a score of 4-0. They were a step ahead of us all game and our play did not help us one bit. As I have talked about before, in sports, like life, there are many ups and downs, and this was a very low point for the boys and me. It is hard to describe in words how disappointed I was after that game, I’ll just leave it at that. Granted we did not have our full roster out there, we still fielded a good enough squad to beat them, and I can’t use that as an excuse. It just was not our night!

That weekend we faced the number one team in the league, the Columbus Crew, on Saturday. To put it plainly we got spanked, again! They played very well and put a 4-0 whoopin’ on us. I made the trip out to Columbus, but woke up sick on game day and the coach made me stay back at the hotel. Our coach is pretty cautious about sickness on the team he insists that if you are sick that you should stay home and away from the rest of the team. It is understandable though, he doesn’t want any of the other players getting sick. Do not know what to really say about the game except that we were not up for the task and that Columbus was by far the better team on the night. To put things into perspective, we split our two away games there, with a win and a loss, so it isn’t all that bad. That being said, no one likes losing, especially 4-0, so we will look to get some revenge when they come to our turf here in a couple weeks.

We look to turn things around this week as we face Chivas USA on Thursday. Always seems to be a pretty good and scrappin’ match whenever we face off. An important match for us I believe, so the boys I know will be coming out firing on all cylinders ready to get after it.


Seems like all I have been doing these days away from the game is just resting and trying to get over all the sickness that has plagued me over the past several weeks. It is getting close to hunting season though, deer hunting season that is, and I sure have been itching to go hunting. Steve Ralston shares the passion and love for hunting that I do, so we have been talking about our excitement, plans, and hopes for the upcoming season. Steve knows some people who let him hunt on their land, so whenever we have the time we try to get back out in the sticks to mess around and enjoy God’s wonderful creations. We went out the other afternoon scouting and checking out signs and messing around with some of his deer stands. The older I get the more I realize how much of a country boy I am, the more I realize how much I love the land and being away from all the hub-ub and noise of the world. A little piece and quiet in God’s creation really does wonders for my mind and soul. Other than on the soccer field and being back in North Carolina, being in the country on the land is where I feel the most at home, the most myself, and the closest to the Lord. We have a farm in Bethel, NC, where my mom grew up. Growing up the whole family, extended family and all would gather there to spend Thanksgiving together and do some hunting. It is definitely one of my favorite places in the world! I would love nothing more than to settle down there and build a family when my playing days are done. When the season ends I head straight there to meet up with my cousins, uncles, and the rest of the family to get in as much hunting as I can. I have learned while living in Massachusetts and near Boston that the city just isn’t for me. I’m not knocking the city at all, if its what you love that’s all good, but the crop fields, small southern towns, and simple ways of North Carolina are where my heart is and longs to be!


Much of TV, the news, and radio these days have been focused on politics and on the upcoming presidential election. I was a politics major at Wake Forest, so am somewhat in tuned to what is going on and all. I have found that the older one gets the more interested and more concerned one becomes about politics-mainly because the issues discussed concern you when you start making your own money and are on your own. When you “leave the nest,” so to speak, you have to deal with new things concerning all that hablab. I am not going to get into a discussion about the nominees or any issues or anything like that, because even though I majored in politics I still feel like I know diddly about it all, and also it is the last thing I really care to write or talk about. It is on my mind now only because today I was watching the program “Road To Redemption” about the Olympic basketball team as they prepared for the 2008 Olympic games. The coaches had invited some soldiers who had been injured in battle to come speak to the team about teamwork and sacrifice. I tell you what, it was moving-bout brought me to tears! As bad as it sounds, the truth is, there are so many days that go by where I do not even think about or recognize all the sacrifice, dedication, and duty our soldiers and military personnel have done! No matter what side of the political spectrum one stands on, I think we all should have a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that they have done and continue to do for our freedom and our country-I know I sure do! Whenever I put on that Revolution jersey I am filled with a sense of pride to be representing the team and to have made it to where I am, but I feel it pails in comparison to how each and every one of our soldiers feels when they wear their uniforms. I can at times get so wrapped up into the game and how things are going with my career that I do not realize that there are things that are so much more important and so much bigger than what I am doing, than the battles that I am facing. I guess in some sense it is easy to forget about war when it is in a far off country. I think we all need to be more aware and grateful for the services our military personnel continue to do for our country and for each and everyone of us on a continual daily basis. We live in a wonderful country, the best country, and too many times I feel people can get wrapped up in the politics of it all and forget about all the real heroes out there who are risking their lives for us. I thank God for them and all that they have done-they are the real heroes!


  1. Wells,

You never cease to amaze me with the effort you put out when you play. Each and every game I watch only inspires me to work harder and harder with my training in hopes that I can someday achieve what you have. I was at the game Saturday night against LA and just being able to watch you play was incredible, all of you. It was such a blessing, truly. So thank you. And for my question, really random, I was reading something online that said you played ice hockey when you were a kid back home? If true, that’s so awesome, I play too! And yeah, I’m a girl. Haha. Well, you’re amazing, keep doing what you’re doing.

-Alexa, East Longmeadow

—Alexa, thanks so much for your response and all that you had to say-I sincerely appreciate that! I have put and continue to put a lot of effort, energy, passion, sweat, and time into becoming a better soccer player. I love what I do and I love the game. It is always nice to hear compliments and gratitude from fans for all the hard work that we all do. I think I speak for all the boys we I say how grateful we are for all our fans and ya’lls continued support and devotion to the club. So again, thank you so much for that! Now to answer your question-yes, I did play ice hockey while growing up. I can’t tell you how much I loved that experience and playing the game. My dad will tell you that I definitely have some ice hockey in my soccer game. I love getting stuck in and mixing things up a little bit. A lot of people are shocked when I tell them that being from North Carolina that I grew up playing hockey. We were actually pretty good too. In fact, I have a buddy of mine who I grew up playing with that played at Harvard. I firmly believe that the cross training of all the sports I played was no doubt invaluable to my growth and development as a soccer player. As I grew older I began to understand though that my true passion in sports was for soccer. That, and ice hockey was not my best sport-I think I spent more time in the penalty box than my whole team combined. Thanks for the response and support! Hope to hear from you again!

  1. Wells, do you see the Revs making any new additions to the team before the end of the season? Any tips on any potential players? I heard the team was interested in Benny Feilhaber at one point as well. lovin’ the blog!

-John F.

—John, I wish I had some inside information I could let you in on, but sorry to say I have no idea about possible additions to the team. We have struggled over the past several games due to our lack of forwards, so there is definitely a possibility the coaches are looking for help up top to get us through the year. We recently just acquired the Costa Rican national team member Gabriel Badilla. I think it was a fantastic pick up for the team. The little that I have seen him play and been around him, I have to say that I am very impressed with his efforts on the field and also how he has carried himself off the field. I feel he could be a vital contributor to the team down the home stretch of the season. If I hear anything new buzzing around ill be sure to let you know!

Thanks for listening and hope yall enjoyed! Until next time, take care, God bless, and be easy!


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