Wells Thompson’s Weekly blog: Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Hey there! It is good to be back! I hope that everyone is doing well and that life is treating ya’ll well!

I decided that I needed to make a few changes to the blog, something small. I am taking a page out of my boy Julian Valentine’s book and going to apply some order here. I am going to try and break my blog down into sections like he does. Like so; 1-On the field

2-Off the field,

3-random, whatever comes to mind. Hopefully that will make it a little easier to follow. Enjoy

Things have not been as I would have liked them to be lately, but again how often are things really like you want them or plan them out to be. Life got in the way again and knocked me for a little loop. What I am referring to is that I have been, and still am, under the weather. Even though I have been struggling off the field with my health and all, the team has continued to take care of business on the field. We won our first piece of hardware for the year, by beating Houston in the Superliga Final. I unfortunately was not able to even make it to the game because of my illness, but am so proud of the boys for their work in the hard fought final. After regular time the game remained tied at 2-2. After two scoreless extra periods, we finally clinched the game and the Superliga championship on penalty kicks. The team took a little slide after that big win. We ended up losing to the Chicago Fire 2-1 in a very disappointing game for us, and we just recently lost to DC United in the semifinals of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. We have a real busy schedule coming up here over the next few weeks, so I am going to try and get healthy so I might be able to play a little bit. With the shoulder problem and the sickness it seems like I have not played in ages, so I am dying to get back out there on a regular basis again.

I love music! I am mainly a country music man, but I really love and appreciate it all! It definitely speaks to me. One of the up sides about playing in Gillette is the extra curricular activities, like concerts and other games, that come that we usually get to enjoy. I had the opportunity to enjoy Country Fest and Bruce Springsteen the other week. Both were great, but I bet you can guess which one I enjoyed the most. A bunch of friends and I packed my big ole’ truck up with all the necessities for a tailgate and went to the stadium early to partake in some of the festivities before the concert. I feel at times that I can stick out like a sore thumb being from the south and all, but I fit right in at Country Fest. I tell you what, it was great, a whole day of being and doing country! You really do not find too much country music up this way. In North Carolina every other station is a country channel, whereas I think there might only be one up this way. But sometimes I hear something and it touches me, or it reminds me of what I believe and stand for. These are a couple of new artists I recently discovered, their music and lyrics spoke to me, so I wanted to share it with ya’ll, for whatever it was worth.

“I aint a star. I’m nothing like (Clint Dempsey or Kaka)- I got a funny sounding name and I don’t wanna be famous, I don’t make a lot of change. My heart has been changed, I just wanna know Jesus man! To make it plain I got a message penetrating my soul, it is the message that the Father gives me generating my soul. The credit aint ours, its all His! “Amen—The Christian Rap singer Lecrae

“This song is for everybody to know whether you are from a small town, the hood, the big city, it don’t matter. Everybody’s got their dreams they wanna follow, some people are ashamed where they’re from, they don’t know where they are suppose to be. Everybody find your place in life, be proud of who you are, don’t let nothing hold you back.”

—Country singer Colt Ford

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the blog this week! Please keep the questions coming, the more the merrier! Ya’ll have a good week, take care and God bless! Until next time, be easy!


1. Hey Wells, do you go into Boston often? Have any favorite hotspots? Good luck for the rest of the season!

-Troy S

-Troy, what’s up man, thanks for the question. I do not go into Boston as much as I would like. I try to get in every Sunday, if my schedule permits, to attend service at Park Street Baptist Church. I live in Wrentham, right near the stadium, so going into the city can sometimes be more of a hassle than I would like. Traffic isn’t always good, I drive a big truck and have a hard time parking in the city (It doesn’t fit in parking garages either), not too mention my truck guzzles gas, so all those annoyances keep me away from the city. To tell you the truth as well, I am not much of a city boy. I am quite content hanging around Wrentham, fishing on the lake and keeping busy around those parts, so it doesn’t really bother me too much I don’t make it in much. If I want to go out though there isn’t much open past 12 around Wrentham so I do like to get into Boston to mix it up occasionally. Been to Whiskeys a few times, Joshua Tree, McFaddens. Don’t necessarily have a favorite place, as long as the beers flowing, there are some women, and the people are nice, I’d like it there!

2. Wells, I’m always interested in players pre-game preparations, do you have any pre-game rituals or traditions?

-Craig F

Appreciate the Question Craig, that’s a good one! I have had bunches of rituals over the years. Many were normal, like eating a good pre-game meal and hydrating throughout the day and things of that sort, but I have to admit I have had some crazy ones over the years. The older I have gotten though, the more I have tried to rid myself and my routine of those types of things. I found myself at times before games a wreck because I was trying to get everything right, if I did not get things right I would almost be consumed with that and I felt it affected my performance. That being said I do have a few things I still do besides the normal. I have and still use the same shin guard sleeves from college. Even though they are all tattered and probably don’t smell the best, I still hang on to them. I re-tie my shoes during warm-ups. I also make sure I kneel down and pray in front of my locker before I head to the field before game time. With me, a lot depends on how I am playing and how the team is doing at the time. I find that I pick up and drop little superstitions throughout the year depending on how things are going. Like I said though, I feel it mentally taxes me too much sometimes, so I hope to get rid of all of them soon.

3. Wells, Karvonen here…So glad to see your blog, keep up the good work buddy! hoping the shoulder heals quickly. Other than outside middy, what other positions did you excel at….oh and what about hockey, a little birdy told me you were quite the scrapper on the ice..any comments on that???

-Chris, what’s up man, great hearing from you and appreciate your support and comments! Growing up I played a little bit of forward but mostly center midfield my whole life until college. College was when I made the transition to outside midfield. I was not happy at the time about the move. I thought and still think central midfield is the best position on the field, but I have grown to appreciate and enjoy being on the outside now. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed a playing hockey as a little guy. A lot of people do not think about kids playing hockey from North Carolina. But we were quite good, even competed in Lake Placid a few times. Hockey was by no means my best sport, but I loved the action. I loved the physical nature of the game. If you talked to some of my former teammates they would probably tell you I spent more time in the penalty box than on the ice. It might have been true, I loved the physical nature so much I tended to get a little out of hand at times. I no doubt think that my soccer game reveals some hockey nature in it. I also believe that my experience with hockey and the skills required there helped my soccer game and translated onto the pitch. I always encourage parents to push their kids to play as many sports as their kids want to. I think it only helps kids develop skills they did not already have and also nourish those skills that they already might possess.


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