Eric Brunner’s Blog: Thursday, June 25th, 2008

Hello All,

My name is Eric Brunner.  I’m writing to you from Miami, Florida.  I was asked to write a blog about my life in soccer for ASR and I thought to myself, what a good idea! Well where to start?  I play for the Miami F.C. in the USL -1 and have only been with the team for about a month. I was drafted by NYRB of Major League Soccer and due to circumstances it was best for both parties to part ways.  I was then called into the U-23 US national team for the Toulon Tournament in France.  I was able to get 2 caps with the team and scored my first goal in my first international game.  It was a really good experience and only helped me develop more as a player.  After that it took me to Miami, home to “8th and Ocean” (if any of you are familiar with the MTV show), bronzed babes and the hottest weather I’ve ever faced in my entire life.  Not just hot but humid!  I haven’t been around too much of Miami yet, because our schedule has been quite busy with games and traveling.

What I plan to do with the blog is basically write about my life.  What I’m doing in the soccer world with my club and myself in general.  I’ll try to give you some insight as to what we’ve been doing for the week post and prior to games.  If many of you aren’t familiar with the USL-1 league system, it’s a little different than MLS.  It’s a much shorter time frame in terms of how games are played.  You can play up to 3 games in a week and the regular season ends in mid September.  In fact we just got done doing that, 3 games in 5 days.   So I’ll try to give a playback of the previous game and give a preview of the upcoming opponent, as much as I can, because I’m still learning about the teams as well.

I’ll be trying to do this blog every other week because of how hectic the schedule is for playing and traveling to games.  I’ll be posting this every other Wednesday so keep your eye out for it!  Oh, if you want to ask some questions feel free to shoot them at me and I’ll try to respond to them for you!


Take care,  Brunes

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