Wells Thompson’s Weekly Blog: Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Hey ya’ll
My name is Wells Thompson and i currently play for the New England Revolution. This is my second year in the league. I played collegiately for Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, also my hometown. I was drafted last year, 2007, 5th overall by New England. My life-long dream came true the day that I was drafted. God blessed me with a love and talent for the sport and ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a professional soccer player. I will never forget the day I was drafted; it was one of the greatest days of my life, there were many ups and downs, but overall, I had a wonderful first year with New England last year! We won the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup-the first ever trophy in club history. It was that much more special as well because I recorded the game winning goal in that finals victory over FC Dallas. We made it all the way to the MLS Cup Championship game, but unfortunately lost again, for the second time in a row to the Dynamo, for the third time in a row in the finals, and for the fourth year out of six in the finals. Like I said, it was a year of many ups and downs, a year where I learned a lot, and one I will never forget. I just wanted to introduce myself before I started writing about my life on and off the field as a professional soccer player in Major League Soccer. It is a new year, and there are many differences and changes that come with a new year; here are higher expectations, new teammates, new roles for players, new challenges, and many new experiences. I hope yall enjoy what I have to say. Before I close, I must say and have to give all the credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ-without Him, I would not be where I am today and I give him all the credit and Glory! God bless all yall and I look forward to this new experience and sharing with all you all.
Sincerely, Wells Thompson

We just got back from a long and tiresome trip out to Salt Lake, Utah. Unfortunately we lost the game 2-1. There is no doubt that the trip was that much longer and that much more exhausting because of the result. Don’t get me wrong, it is never, ever, ever fun losing, but when you lose on the road it seems like you feel that lose that much more. The game was a sloppy one. We had many factors against us. The turf field was awful and made for a sloppy and uninteresting game, the refs were bad, and the altitude was hard on the guys. I definitely don’t want to get into making excuses , I do have to give it to Salt Lake. They played a better game then we did and for the most part deserved the win. I hate losing and it really stunk losing that game and snapping our 7 match run without a loss. Soccer is a lot like life though, many times there are distractions and outside factors that will inevitably influence things and influence the outcome of things. As I have learned many times though, whenever you fall down you must pick yourself up and get moving again. Sometimes it can be very hard, but in the end you will always be glad you made that decision. We have had quite a few injuries plague our team this year. We haven’t had a full roster all year long. Many guys are on their way back, so we look forward to having them back and getting closer to a full roster. We have open cup and Super Liga games coming up, so it will be important to have as many guys as possible in order to get through this strenuous part of the season. The team has Monday off, so I am just resting and relaxing and getting prepared for the upcoming week of training and our game against Toronto this Saturday. Until next time-God bless and yall have a wonderful week! Be easy.
Wells Thompson

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