Meet Andrei Arshavin, The Architect

Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin has broken out onto the world soccer scene this season with a series of unbelievable offensive displays. The 27 year old midfielder first won the UEFA Cup with his club Zenit St Peterburg, demolishing Bayern Leverkusen and Bayern Munich on the way.

Arshavin, after missing the first two games of Euro 2008 due to suspension, helped Russia run circles around Sweden and capped an unbelievable performance Saturday against The Netherlands with a extra time goal. I’ve included a highlight reel of Arshavin throughout the years(excuse the music), he’s been a dazzling player for years, and has recently been able to showcase his talents on the world stage, enjoy.

Arshavin has pubicly stated that he’d like to leave Zenit St Peterburg, the club he’s played for since signing in 2000. Where do you think the playmaker will land? England? Germany? Spain? Italy? elsewhere?

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