Hunter’s Corner: Thursday April 24th, 2008

Hello Fans,

Well it has been a while, but I am here to tell you that I am back training with the squad! I know that may not sound too exciting to you, but trust me I am thrilled. As well is my teammate, Dane Richards. We both got back into the swings of things starting Tuesday (the team had Monday off). Still trying to knock the dust off our boots, but with every new day we are both making progress. I know for me, I am definitely looking forward to getting back on the field with the boys. There is nothing worse as a player then having to watch your team and not be able to really help. For those of you wondering when I will play in my first game, I unfortunately don’t have an answer for you. For any of you that followed the team last year, the last thing I want to do is repeat what I did when I came back a bit too early from an ankle injury last year and struggled. So we are going to make sure the time is right and everything makes sense. I’m not ruling out that this weekend I couldn’t possibly be a sub for the San Jose game, but a more realistic date is probably the Toronto game the following Thursday.

Competition in training has been good this week. Today’s session was quite competitive with quite a few strong (and questionable) tackles. But don’t worry fans, no one was hurt! Some psyche’s might have been hurt, but that’s about it. Training ended with a mini round-robin tourney with 4 teams of 5 players. Two teams were off resting, while the others competed. Each player paid $2, and the winning team split the pot amongst its players. The dark blue team was victorious on the day. I’d tell you who was on that blue team, but to be honest I cannot remember. Unfortunately I was not part of that squad, so I tried to forget about it ASAP. Coach tends to have all the guys pay a couple bucks when we are playing small-sided games. It always makes the games a bit more competitive and definitely allows more room for trash talking. At the end of the day its all fun and games and we are all out there to win, so going home the victor always makes your day a little bit better.

Since the weather has been so nice the past week or so, my roommate (Mike Magee) and I have been working on our golf game. We have probably been to the driving range 3 times in the past week. I started playing golf when I was about 13 or so, and I love it. Golf is my favorite hobby, my second being hunting. Magee has not played much, but he can hold his own. As with anything, the more you practice the better you become. Our typical visit to the range usually starts with us just hitting our own shots and practicing, but always ends in a friendly little wager. We will pick a certain target and for every time you hit that target (in the air) the opponent owes you $1. We switch up the targets from short pitch shots, to getting out the big boy (the driver) and letting it rip. Once again, we are athletes and competition is in our blood. It always makes for some good laughs, bragging rights, and every now and then a great story. Those of you wanting to know my handicap, I would say its around 15 now. When I was younger (16-17yrs old) and played a lot, I was a 9-10 handicap. However, I don’t play as often as I did back then, so its safe to say it has gone up a bit. On a good day I might be able to get back to 10. If anyone is every looking for a golf game, feel free to let me know. Name the place and I will be there.

I will close out this week’s blog as I do every week by answering your questions, but I hope to see you all this Sunday at our game against the San Jose Earthquakes. We look forward to getting you a win and playing some good football for you fans. San Jose will prove a tough match, but I think if we play to our strengths and finish our chances we can be victorious.

Hello Hunter, hope the recovery is coming along! I was wondering, if you weren’t a professional soccer player, what do you think you’d be doing?

Jean T


I would have to say that if I wasn’t playing soccer I would probably be coaching. I would have just finished up college, and would have probably applied for a graduate assistant position at a University. That way I could get my feet wet, and go from there.

Hi Hunter, which of your teammates do you spend the most amount of time with off the field?

Stephanie C


Off the field I spend the most time with Mike Magee. We live together, and we have known one another since we were about 15. We lived together down in Bradenton, FL and attended the US Soccer Residency program together.

Hunter, what is your normal pre game buildup usually like? Any routines? Specific kind of tunes/food?

Jeff H


My pre game build up usually starts with a nice meal the night before the game. Usually chicken, steak, or fish and pasta of some sort. The day of the game, I usually sleep in and then go eat breakfast around 10-11am. I like eating out because it gets me out of the house for a bit. After that I usually come back and just lay around the house and watch TV until its time for my main meal before the game. I usually eat that about 4 hours before each game and it is always some type of chicken and pasta combination.

As for tunes, nothing really specific. It is usually something up beat and loud. It has to get me in the mood to play, run around for 90 minutes, and focused.

HI Hunter, are there any team(s) that you’re looking forward to playing in particular?

Derek E


Not really a team in particular, although I always look forward to playing in Dallas. That is my hometown, so I always have a lot of family and friends attending the game. Living far away from home, it is always nice to go back home and play in front of your family and friends.

Hey Hunter, are there any websites you visit daily? Whether its news, entertainment or soccer news?

Christian M


Some of the websites I tend to check out regularly are any soccer website, yahoo,com,, (of course!),, and I am always googling something I feel like. Not sure what I would do without those search engines. It is not really a website, but I am always searching around the iTunes store online.

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