Chivas USA lose to the Crew

Chivas USA lost their first match of the season on the road against Columbus Crew Saturday. The game was hard fought, exciting and full of goals. However, the game left Chivas USA fans wondering.

Will Chivas USA get healthy? This may be the biggest question. Chivas USA have been playing short handed and stealing results. The team is not healthy.

The key to any team performing is health. Preki has been forced to put together interesting line ups. The biggest issue has been in the back. Chivas USA played without several starters in the rear and this left a hole. The team has a great starting four in Bornstein, Thomas, Suarez and Vaughn, and even Zotinca. However, Curtin has had trouble adjusting and Pozniak does not seem to be at 100%. These players make great substitutes, but nothing can replace the starting line up.

We’ve been found out. Chivas USA are not a surprise this year. Everyone in the league knows who Chivas USA is, the Western Conference Champions. They all know how we play, possession football. The last three game have shown that other teams will no longer allow the Red and White to control the game. The midfield have a steep task ahead of them.

Officiating? The match was spectacular, and had potential to be even more exciting. However, no better way to kill a match like a red card. I’m going on the record and saying “Chivas USA had AT LEAST one more goal in them” I’m not saying either player didn’t deserve a card. Pancho Mendoza probably didn’t deserve his first yellow, but he did deserve his second. He went into the tackle knowing he had a yellow, so in that regard, he deserved a yellow. Where on earth would Sacha Kljestan get a red card for that? Where was the intent? Maybe he deserved a card, but that? Wow.

What good came out of this match? The answer in short… A lot. First off, the strikers on the team, even as injured as they are, are scoring. And the goals are coming from everywhere. Three of the four midfielders have scored, and the same goes for the strikers. HUGE step in the development of the Chivas USA squad. Jesse Marsch is another bright point. The co-captain is pushing his squad as hard as he can. The midfield belongs to him, and it is strong. Lastly, Shavar Thomas is looking better than ever. He has been adjusting to different players and picking up slack in the back. He looks solid.

Did the Chivas USA deserve to lose? Let me know wat you think.

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