Hunter’s Corner: Thursday April 10th, 2008

Greetings fans,

What more can I say, other then you cannot ask for a better start to the season then we had last Saturday.  The weather was beautiful, the goals came early, and we earned three points.  Oh yes, the fans!!!!  There were 17,000 plus and as vocal as I can remember.  So from my teammates and I, you the fans earn a BIG “thank you!”

Personally, it was great to see Dave and Goldy open up their accounts on opening day.  Two guys who have been doubted the most by fans and media definitely proved their worth on Saturday.

This week we have a good test in Dallas.  It will be our first test on the road, and against a good opposition who definitely have some individuals that are capable of punishing you.  Like us, Dallas has switched its formation to a 3-5-2 as well.  Although, so far it looks as they still have some things to sort out in the back having given up 4 goals in 2 games.  Only time will tell, as we will know how things shake out on Saturday evening.

If you are a European soccer fan, this week Champions league games have been quite entertaining.  Although, I think it is safe to say that the hands down winner of match of the week has to be Arsenal vs Liverpool.  I wont go into detail on the match as I am sure most of you watched the match, but if you have not I suggest you do.

As for my injury, it is progressing nicely.  Saw the Doc at the game this weekend and he was quite surprised to see how well my ankle has come along.  He is keeping me in the boot for at least another week.  I was not too happy about that, as the boot is annoying and my ankle feels good.  Yet, he knows more then I do so I will do what he suggest.  After my ankle injury last year, I learned not to rush back!  As I make more progress or get any more good news, I will definitely pass it on.

Once again as I did last week, I will end with answers to your questions.  It is always great reading your questions and seeing what is on your minds.  Some questions make me think, and some must make me laugh.  As always though, I will do my best to answer all them.  Enjoy your weekend, and look forward to seeing you back out at Giants Stadium on the 19th.

Hello Hunter, we’ve all heard that Chris Innes is training with RBNY,

have you had a chance to see him/talk with him? Any impressions/

thoughts on him/his play so far?

Noah Z,

I have met Chris as his has been training with the team since Tuesday.  I cannot give you my honest opinion about his play, as I have only seen him play in training for about 15 mins.  He looks as if he has some quality, is vocal, and good in the air.

Hi Hunter, since we all know of your great talent on the field, do you have any hidden talents we may not know about?

Alisha K,

Hidden talents huh?  Not sure I really do have any hidden talents.  I thought long and hard about this question, but cannot seem to come up with anything.

Bonjour Mr. Freeman, big fan of the blog so far! Who would you say is the biggest jokester in the locker room, which player is the joker of the bunch? My guess is Conway or Woly.

Steven S,

As you can probably guess, being in a locker room amongst teammates every day there are always jokes and pranks going on.  Usually the rookies catch the brunt of the jokes, but everyone is fair game.  As for who is the joker of the bunch????  I would have say Dave Van Den Bergh.  You are pretty close though with your two guesses, as Wolly is pretty neck and neck with Dave.  Wolly tends to lay low and just wait until you say something that makes absolutely no sense, and then he just murders you for it and makes sure everyone else in the locker room knows what you said as well.

Hey Hunter, I was at the opener on Saturday, I was happy with the result, and very impressed by the crowd, made alot of noise, 101 was amazing as usual! Are you enjoying being coach by JCO? He looks like a very passionate committed manager, definitely a night and day difference from Arena on the touchline.

Anthony S,

You hit it right on the nose; the crowd, atmosphere, and result were all amazing this past weekend.  As I mentioned last week and again this week, you the fans make all the difference in the world.  As for Juan Carlos, he is without a doubt fully committed to the task at hand.  I don’t believe I have ever seen a coach spend more time jotting down ideas, tactics, drills on a piece of paper then Juan Carlos.  Unfortunately, my time away with the Olympic Team and my recent injury have not allowed me to work with him very much.  For the few training sessions I have been able to train with the team I have been pleased.  The sessions are long and intense, but everything we do has a purpose.  There is no time wasted!

Hello Hunter, what sports do you follow very closely, other than soccer? Any favorite TV shows at the moment? Keep up the good work!

Dan G,

Being from Texas I am a huge Football (American Football) fan, and I love my Cowboys.  I know that probably will not sit well with a lot of you because of the Giants, but I stick with my team.  As I tell all my friends, they aren’t called “America’s Team” for nothing.  As far as a favorite TV show at the moment, no question it would have to be Rob and Big.

Thanks again to all of you for reading the blog and submitting questions.  Look forward to meeting some of you throughout the year at the games.  Until next week, take care and enjoy your weekend!


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